I dined recently with Diana and her lovely lil baby at Eggman & Co. This space has transformed over the last couple years and now is a neighbourhood brunch spot. Their menu rotates seasonally to support local producers and suppliers.

ham and eggman wild mushroom benedict

We started off with the Wild Mushroom Benedict ($16). This is served on an English muffins, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and hashbrowns. The mushrooms were generously sprinkled onto the benedict. The poached eggs were perfectly runny and this was a great portion.

ham and eggman  chicken and waffles

Up next,we tried the Chicken & Waffles ($18). This is served with boneless buttermilk marinated fried chicken, two waffles, chantilly cream, bourbon maple syrup and a fresh fruit salad. It was interesting that they served the dish with a Liege waffle. They’re much more crispier and structured than the average waffle, which held up with the chicken and sauces.

The batter on the chicken was good, not too heavy but crispy and flavourful. The chicken is very juicy and tender. I’m appreciative that it’s served with fresh fruit, as it cuts the heaviness of the dish.

ham and eggman  pork belly hash

Finally, we tried their Pork Belly Hash ($16). It’s served with pork belly, yu choy and cabbage, shiitake, Kennebec hash browns and tossed in a gochujang barbecue sauce with two poached eggs. I liked the flavour overall of this dish, but I felt like it needed more pork belly. We were picking through the dish playing “is it potato or pork belly?”. A very filling dish as well though!

Overall, I enjoyed my meal here and would come back for a meal if I were in the area.

Food: 4

Service: 5

Value: 4

Ambiance: 3.5


For more information and their menu, check out their website here: https://www.hamandeggmans.com/