HK BBQ Master recently renovated it’s space and expanded into the shop next to them as well. The space is still cozy but there is more seating and the layout to pick up and go is a bit better. You’ll still find a huge lineup out the door (and much like Disneyland, there’s a secret lineup inside again when you think you’re done lining up!).

hk bbq master menu

The prices have gone up a bit, but the quality is still the same. The roasted pork is definitely my go to and recommendation here if you’ve never been. Their honey barbecue pork is good too, along with their roasted duck.

hk bbq master

hk bbq master

From what I understand, they’ve expanded their staff so that there is a dedicated chef to each item and more roasting capabilities overall.

I still think this is the best place in Vancouver to get your roasted pork!