What a cute little cafe for Banh Mi! It almost strikes me like a high tea or boutique coffee shop, but for pho. Though I love my seedy pho dives, I wouldn’t mind having an elevated experience like this more often. I enjoyed a Banh Mi Jambon, the house special. It has Vietnamese ham & braised pork belly. 

My coworker enjoyed Pho Tres Bon, which has beef tenderloin and meatball. It comes with your bean sprouts in a little wooden boat. The most notable thing about my Banh Mi was the bread – very crispy, fresh and light, though I have to admit that while the sandwich was good, there wasn’t anything that struck me as special, especially for the price point.

I grew up eating pretty divey pho and banh mi, in the likes of Chinatown and Richmond, so perhaps I’m comparing it to these experiences. I would like to return and try the pho, though I might return to my dives for banh mi. I have this place in my mind for out of towners or other culture friends who might be turned off by a dive and want the ambience and great service that this cafe provides.