After becoming a mom, it’s been a priority for me to not only introduce my son to wholesome foods, but also my entire family. A family that eats together, stays together!

One of my favourite jams I have in my pantry is Bonne Maman. Their jams are made with natural ingredients and are Non-GMO, no high fructose corn syrup, artifical colouring or preservatives.

Bonne Maman recently introduced their Intense line of jams which contain more fruit and less sugar (38%) with the same great flavour you come to expect from Bonne Maman – from their lineup, you’ll find Strawberry, Wild Blackberry, Raspberry and Apricot. This is perfect for those watching their sugar intake and kids and cooking/baking!

Bonne Maman has 17 jam flavours, 3 jellies, 3 compotes and 4 new Intense flavours. Each jam is made with cooking whole fruits, jellies made from the juices of fruits. The quality of their jams and jellies are guaranteed for two years after production while their new INTENSE fruit spreads are guaranteed for 1 year after production.

(Photos Provided by Bonne Maman)

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