The Gluten Free Expo is fun every year – only because I can sample, shop and learn about gluten-free products. I am not celiac myself but I enjoy gluten-free products. For instance, I love having alternative pastas to make my dinners healthier and sometimes more interesting. I also enjoy gluten-free sauces like tamari. See my favorites of the Expo below!

Do you like Bousin cheese? You will love this Cashew Cheese by Fauxmagerie. That’s right, nut cheese. I can’t tell the difference!

I do not like Nude Vodka. I HATE it. So when I tried WIZE’s lavender elderflower Vodka beverage, I’ve added it to my vodka beverage options when I’m out.

I enjoyed Bard’s Beer. It reminds me more of a cider, semi-sweet, its very light and crisp. It will be a perfect summer drink. I got myself a pack of these at the discount liquor store down where I live.

Shameless Snacks – I’m pretty sugar addicted from the holidays. I bought a box of these wonderful gluten-free powerballs. I enjoyed the Mint Chocolate ones the most, though Josh ended up liking the lemon ones in particular.

This was the winner – soybean pasta by Tastelli. I switched to gluten free pasta because I find it fills me up more and sometimes has more of a flavour than white pasta. Believe me, I had the gluten free pasta of yesteryear that used to clump up if you slightly overboiled it – gluten free pasta has come a long, long way and it is good. I enjoyed my boxes with broccoli and pesto.