Here’s how you check if a place is good and authentic: it’s filled with not only Filipino people, but every type of person under the umbrella in a packed house on a Sunday night. I want to preface this review that I am so sad that we couldn’t do the kamayan – eating with hands feast – with only three of us, but we’ll be back with recruits!

San Miguel Light is like what Asahi or Sapporo is to Japanese pub food. Light, fizzy and refreshing, it pairs well to clean the palate. Inihaw Na Pusit was perfect. My favourite dish of the evening. It is grilled squid stuffed with chopped tomatoes, onions and green onions. Not too chewy and the veggies have absorbed the squid’s sauce. This one was the first one to get demolished here.

We didn’t end up eating this because we didn’t order it. I took a picture of the accident, which was the Bangus. My dad makes this dish at home and I was sort of sad not to have ordered it instead, though I love tilapia which was what we meant to order.

Pancit Canton is stir fry egg noodles with chicken, shrimp and vegetables. My dad’s is still, of course, better. But this was very close to his and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try pancit for the first time. It is delicious and good quality, so I’d vouch for a good experience.

Let’s have a moment to celebrate crispy fish. So good. This is the Tilapia! The meat was light, flaky and crisped on the side. I had to kamayan this and my nostalgia of picking the meat between the bones and shoving rice came back into my head. Though, me and my friends forgot the true hand gestures of the rice shove. We’re very third gen but when we come back for kamayan, we’ll have practiced.