Feeling hungry, we decided to try one of each of the tacos featured on the La Cantina Whistler menu. We managed to slip in between busier hours, and we managed to get our plates in no time at all. We started with the veggie tacos, first the tofu and pico de gallo, followed by their delicious mushroom taco. Then we tired the jackfruit, which had a wonderful refreshing cilantro and avocado salsa on top. The last two were my favorite, Rajas Poblanas, which is a roasted veggie mix, topped with feta and a cream sauce, and the black-bean filled Mestizo. 

Next, we moved to the meat tacos. We started with the beef pasilla, which is shredded beef with a wonderful herb flavor and paired well with our pilsner beer. The pork tacos included an asian-inspired sweet taco, and a classic cochinita (pulled pork). The chicken taco was a spicy chipotle-sauce, topped with feta, that melted in your mouth. And our last, and most favorite of them all, was the fried rock-fish taco, topped with chili mayo. The fish was fresh and hot and crispy and the mayo melted the great rockfish flavor in your mouth.