The Wellness Show displays vendors that promote nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional well-being. This year is my year of self-care after a busy, stressful 2019. Here were my picks to help me feel happy and healthy.

Nutiva’s MCT powder is quite nice with almond milk, it doesn’t taste like an additive with its coconut taste. It is filled with good fats to fuel you.

Nora’s was one of our favourite – cashew ice cream. We do not know how they’ve made the strawberries & cream one super creamy!

Buddha Bites was another one we bought. The lavender bites isn’t too overwhelming with its lavender notes. They’re based in Squamish as well!

Coconut Curry sauce, this is available in Nesters. Seriously the best with some peas and potatoes!

These calm gummies taste like gum-drops. No joke. It’s like candy! I would decorate a gingerbread house with this to give it some nutrition. A good item to get children to get vitamins.

Speaking of kid favourites, these Smart Sweets were formidable lower-sugar options for gummy bears. They have significantly less sugar than most candy brands.

Remedy Kombucha – Fizzy kombucha? I love it. The bite of the carbonation was perfect in this. Ginger Berry was my favourite and it wasn’t too sweet.

Cashew cheese is THE best. I love Bousin cheese, so getting a herb and garlic variety is almost the same. I had another kind at the Gluten Free Expo but I ended up liking this Nuts Cheese one a lot better!

NONA’S vegan sauce was the showstopper. It is the best. I find Alfredo and Cheese sauce bland, but this is packed full of flavour and infinitely better for you.

Notable invention here by Sweat Matterz – a yoga mat with lines to make sure you’re in alignment. I never know where my body is at in warrior pose, so I will get these once I reno my home.

So, my friend dropped $250 on this massage set from J Massage Tools, which is pretty good considering back massages are like $80 a pop with a RMT. It really got into my shoulders! We also invested in some earthquake kits from, which was a really responsible buy and investment!

Last but not least, we got some crystals. I finally, finally found a moonstone which I’ve been searching for to charge my energy.