This newly opened pizza place on West Broadway and Yukon launched back in February with interesting flavours like Vietnamese chilli chicken, peri peri chicken, Mediterranean lamb and Szechuan chilli prawn.

pizza mia cambie menu

Since we came on their first day, they didn’t have many of the interesting flavours by the slice, so I’d definitely have to come back and try the ones I mentioned above.

pizza mia cambie

Their pricing is fair, $2.99 + tax for a slice of pizza ($3.50 if it’s seafood).

pizza mia cambie

The slices I ordered were ok, but a little lacklustre since they are touting themselves as a gourmet pizza bar. I’d love to see more of the fresh ingredients on top and a bit more prominent. Their pizza crust is thin and it felt a bit under cooked.

Like I mentioned previously, I’d like to come back again once they have their recipes down and they’ve been in business for a bit longer to see if the quality improves.

Food: 2.5

Service: 4

Value: 3

Ambiance: 3