Kasama Chocolate is a Canadian bean-to-bar chocolate company based in Vancouver British Columbia. We wanted to support local business, so we ordered three of their chocolates for delivery.

The first is a special release called Isla De Tanduay, which is made with white Philippine Rum, and is 70% barrel aged dark chocolate. This is our absolute favourite one. Rummy chocolate while you’re stuck at home comforting yourself is the best. There’s only 150 of them!

We also enjoyed the Apayao Bar/Cordillera, Philippines (71%), which has a pretty epic story. The creators searched for a legendary caco farmer named Ireneo who lives in the mountains of Apayao in the Cordillera region. After a rough, rustic journey to him, they fermented his cacao beans in mahogany wood boxes. Its peach, creme brulee and toasted almonds flavour make this chocolate good on a cheese plate, but it is also very delicious by itself.

The last bar was the Raspberry White Chocolate, which won silver at  the 2019 International Chocolate Awards. Very tart! Another great cheese plate edition, or possibly dressing on pastries/baked goods.

For more information on Kasama Chocolate and to order some chocolates for yourself, check out their website here: https://kasamachocolate.com/