21 bottles. 3 days.

The Juice Truck’s juices are so very delicious, so despite the difficulty of the cleanse, I found certain food to be bland after doing this, being used to having such a diverse amount of fruits and veggies.

You start the cleanse with a swig of probiotic yogurt, drink each juice about 2-2.5 hours apart from each other and end the cleanse with the last swig of the probiotic yogurt.

My favourite juices:

All of them were my favourite, but these were the ones I looked forward to:

  • The Red –  its a beet salad in a bottle – what can I say? (Carrot, apple, beet, lemon, dandelion & parsley)
  • Nut & Seed – I love whenever dates are used as a sweetener and this was milky and fulfilling compared to the other lighter juices (Filtered water, walnut, hemp seed, date, cinnamon & vanilla.  24 grams of all natural, plant based protein.)
  • Remedy – this always felt like a mellow palate cleanser (Pineapple, cucumber, kale, ginger & mint)
  • Kickstarter – this woke me up better than coffee – spicy, sour and sweet. (Apple, cucumber, lemon, ginger & cayenne)

Overall notes / observations on the cleanse:

  • I had a huge headache the first day and found it hard to concentrate. If you are working, this is not so good. I kind of think it is because I should have taken more time before the cleanse to reduce certain foods and get my body used to a liquid diet, but if you are working, start this on a Friday or Saturday.
  • Day 2, I woke up feeling refreshed despite the headache from yesterday. I found the harder part of day 2 was just missing the endorphins solid food brings me, but at this point, there a handful of juices I was waiting for their turn to drink. I also solved the comfort eating by eating raw cashews and almonds.
  • Day 3, I don’t know if this was the hardest or easiest day. I definitely was dreaming of BBQ a lot while someone was grilling outside. But I was so used to it at this point that it just became a routine.
  • Day 4 – When I bit into my toast, it really did not taste like anything. I kinda missed having the Kickstarter to start the day.

For more information on their Juice Cleanses and other items that are available for pick up and delivery, check out their website here: https://www.thejuicetruck.ca/