What does one do to celebrate their anniversary during a pandemic? Josh and I created a blanket fort of movies, video games and music. And we also got a meal prep dinner delivery from Toptable Group which features popular items from their restaurant line up: Elisa, Blue Water Cafe, Cin Cin and Thierry.

Prepping it was no sweat – very easy to do and we did it all within 20-30 minutes.

We enjoyed the Miso Glazed Sablefish the best. It is sablefish marinated in soy, mirin, and brown sugar, miso sake glaze, baby bok choy, edamame, baby carrots, quinoa, Shittake mushrooms, and Yuzu ginger dashi. We chose this dish because one of our main dishes at our wedding was sablefish.

We also ordered the Mixed Seafood Paella, which is saffron rice cooked in a rich seafood broth flavoured with paprika, tomatoes, and aromatics. The seafood in it was sablefish, prawns, bay scallops, squid, mussels, clams, and fresh vegetables.

For the appetizers, we got the salmon terrine as well. I would have liked the crisps that came with it to be… crispy. It was soft but still good, just a personal preference. Shrimp cocktail was a classic. The desserts were so very delicious – we had the pecan pie, which wasn’t classically sweet and caramelly. It kind of reminded Josh of a sweet potato pie, and I really liked it because it wasn’t sweet. The chocolate chip cookies were to die for though, buttery and delicious. The Pentâge Pino Gris (2017)  tasted of beautiful honeydew melon, pear and lots of citrus, so it paired very well with the food and even the dessert after.

Would recommend this to anyone who needs an elevated experience for a special occasion at home!

Available for Delivery and Pick Up. For more information and the menu, check out their website here: https://toptable.ca/toptable2u/