I’m sure you’ve heard of Native before – they’re making better products for a better world. I’ve been working towards more natural skin and beauty products, so my first foray was switching over to Native’s deodorant. It’s aluminum free and made with vegan ingredients. You won’t find any additives like parabens or sulfates; and they’ve recently made the switch to plastic free with their applicators.

There are several scents and also ones made for sensitive skin, along with unscented sticks. I ordered the Coconut and Vanilla.

I have to say that I love the smell, it smells very natural without being too overwhelming and I do feel fresh and dry throughout the day as I chase a little toddler around.
If you’re looking to switch, I’d definitely recommend Native deodorant – I’m interested in trying their body wash and toothpaste in the near future as well!
For more information on Native, check out their website here: https://www.nativecos.com/

To get a Free Mini Deodorant with your first purchase, you can also click through here: https://refer.nativecos.com/x/LB1k4m – note that I will get a free one too if you sign up with my link! 🙂