It’s been an interesting past couple months (to say the least), and although we tend to order in a lot, we normally stick to our favourites. But because we’ve been home most of the time, we wanted to switch it up and try and support local businesses get through this tough period.

One place which was on my list of places to try is Mister. They create ice cream using liquid nitrogen – which makes for a creamier and denser type of ice cream that is free of stabilizers and fillers. Mister’s ice cream is created with natural ingredients and each cup is made to order.

They’re also known for their ice cream sandwiches – which we had to try! We ordered the Double Oreo, Genmaicha and Milo ($7 each).

The Double Oreo Ice Cream has an Oreo crust to it and has the sweet (but not overly so) chocolatey flavour you come to expect with Oreo. The crust is not too crumbly and held up well with the ice cream.

The Genmaicha was one of my favourites, simply because I love tea ice cream! I found the crust to be kind of on the hard side, but was better when I left it to rest for a couple minutes.

Finally, the Milo Ice Cream sandwich – my favourite of all three. The rice krispy crust is perfect and reminded me of when I was younger when my mom would sprinkle on cereal on top of my ice cream for a crunchy addition. The Milo flavour shines and I can see why this sandwich was not available for a long time, it’s just too good!

Food: 4

Value: 4

Ambiance: n/a

Service: n/a


For more information on Mister, check out their website here: