During the pandemic, my one luxury was to try out meal prep programs out. I’m not a big fan of food delivery services myself but found myself too busy to figure out what dinner I wanted per night. My coworker sent me a referral link to HelloFresh and this is how I began my journey into trying the different services out. I really enjoy learning how to make new recipes this way, above the convenience factor. My favourite above all of them is Fresh Prep, but it was tough because I also enjoyed HelloFresh and Goodfood as well.

Disclaimer: Please note that the links in this article for discounts off the meal prep service may give us some credits as well.


Fresh Prep

This is our favourite service so far, and no, we are not sponsored. The reason why I like Freshprep is the food quality is great. The produce is fresh, it comes in this neat reusable bag and the instructions are easy to follow, the ingredients are also prepped for you. The selection of food and variety of the types of dinner are great. This week, my favourite were the turkey lettuce wraps and next week I’m sure I’ll enjoy the seared tuna, which I’d never make myself. They’re always timely when they deliver, notify me and leave it in a safe spot. Want to try Fresh Prep and get 3 free meals? Use my invite link!


HelloFresh was a close contender to Fresh Prep. The food quality was good, the instructions were easy to follow and methodical. The ingredients are also prepped for you, which is fantastic. I found their meat quality to be very good as well. Very close call, my only mark down on it was I do find the flavour of Fresh Prep’s meals to be tastier. Want to try HelloFresh? Want $40 off your first delivery? Use my invite link!


The portions are very, very generous. I found myself having leftovers for lunch with this service. They send you very top-notch produce. The ingredients are not all prepped, but the amount of food you get makes that a non-issue. I liked the variety of dishes, like learning how to make goreng is fun.

Chef’s Plate

Soo, this one I rank low because my experience with it being delivered to me was bad. Huge delivery time window, and when they dropped it off, they didn’t text me or email me. My husband found it in the lobby of our building at room temperature for god knows how long. I’m trying to be compassionate as the people who prepped it and made it probably had no involvement in this. However, a meal prep kit service is also largely dependent on its delivery standards because the convenience of having a prepped dinner kit sent to your home is the whole point. Maybe I got a setting wrong or something in its signup to get notified when it came to me, but it was never an issue with the other services. They just did the thing Chef’s Plate failed to do with me entirely: communicate.

Oco Meals

This service is not a meal prep kit service, the food is prepared and all you need to do is warm it up. I use this option for lunch when I’m busy. I’ve enjoyed the Family sized Shepard’s Pie, as me and my husband get a couple meals out of it. I’ve enjoyed a lot of their curries: Authentic butter chicken, Penang curry, etc. Their baked goods are to die for, a highlight for me is the chocolate chip cookies, which was a total splurge. The sea salt ontop is delicious. There is a lot of food selection, however I tend to gravitate towards the curries and baked goods, because I feel like I can make an overnight oats jar, chili, mac and cheese or salad quite easily for the price I pay for the service. I would love to see more ethnic options, but I am happy with the selection of pad thai, curry, stews and baked goods so far. Want to try Oco Meals? Try Oco Meals and get $10 off your first purchase: Use my invite link.