I got to try the soufflé pancakes from Fufu Café in Vancouver. I had the Fufú Classic Soufflé Pancake, which was pillowy, eggy goodness.

My friend had his dressed in fruit and I immediately was jealous, so pretty! According to VanFoodies, Fufu is short for Fuwa Fuwa in Japanese, and it means fluffy.

OK. To rate this place would be hard because I don’t see myself coming back often to get their pancakes, as delicious as they are. I would take someone from out of town or someone who needs a nice catch-up date.

The reason being is there wasn’t anything super special about these pancakes except for the novelty of getting soufflé pancakes in of itself, which isn’t enough for me to be a repeat customer. (For example, I’m a Belgian waffle fan and will always return for those for instance.) I will however try some of their espresso bar, desserts and savoury things next time I return to Fufú.