There’s a new bread in town: Oroweat Organic is made locally (Langley, BC) and is very Earth conscious. Oroweat Organic bread matches 100% of the energy they use baking break and fuel usage with green certificates through Bullfrog Power.

There are three different types of bread: 22 Grains & Seeds, 100% Whole Grain and Quinoa & Sunflower Seeds.

I recently got to try the 22 Grains & Seeds. It’s high in fibre, a good source of omega-3 and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

I made one of the recipes supplied to me and thought it was a great alternative to the classic PB+J sandwich – and it’s perfect for lunch!

oroweat bread

2 slices of Oroweat Organic 22 Grain & Seeds Bread
1 tablespoon Sunflower Seed Butter
Half of a banana, sliced
6-8 fresh blackberries, mashed a bit

Assembled makes a lovely dish and it’s quite tasty put together!

For more information on Oroweat, check out their website here: