After a summer of many successes on my end, I wanted to go somewhere to properly celebrate. I’ve always wanted to go to try the original sushi creations of Tojo, but after watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain, my husband was also sold as well. We did the summer omakase, which was delicious. Service was a tiny bit slow but that is to be expected with safety measures in place during the pandemic.

You see that wasabi on the side? Didn’t even use it. That’s how good this sashimi was. Their soy sauce is very delicious though.

Only chef can make crispy things look so pretty~

This octopus salad was my favourite. It had the best zesty and sweet sauce on it, was sliced super thin and was easy to eat.

The breaded one at the end was my favourite out of all of the fish on this dish!

…To be honest, I was a little confused what this was. There was a fish underneath the salad that was tasty but wasn’t expecting it!

You know, I will be back for the sushi. That’s all I really wanted, but didn’t want to come sit-in just for sushi! It is very delicious, it elevates this basic sushi craving in me to really appreciate the better and more artfully crafted version of my daily dish.

The dessert wasn’t that memorable, but all the dishes beforehand made the entire experience wonderful. It was my first time in a long time coming out and I came to the right place. I felt safe because the staff were very careful, considerate and made clear what the rules were. My husband was excited that Chef said goodbye to him when we left!