I live in Marpole and Milltown Pub is such a little local gem. Their breakfast is delicious as I’ve blogged before about their Maple syrup infused with bourbon and their breakfast pizza. But if you want some locally crafted burgers and pub fare with a great selection of drinks, this is the place to be. The local is interesting too – in a barn like building, they also overlook a marina. It is lesser known since it is out of the way and it is technically in Richmond, though you can only access it through Vancouver.

Speaking of which, I’m really sad that the fence on the other side of the Fraser River Trail near the bus depo got reinforced and barb-wired up. It was my shortcut as a foot traveller to get to this pub, but I have to go down past the Dollarama complex on the legit route now. If I knew how to convince a local politician, can we just have the Fraser River Trail route run its course to Milltown, thus being somewhat connected better to Fraser River Park? I’m pretty sure something sketchy happened, but would love to see this trail connect. (Even in Fraser River Park where the trail stops at the golf course section I don’t not understand.)