Movement Food is a meal kit service that is ready made. You can set a meal plan based on your diet, fitness and lifestyle utilizing their website. I think this service would be great if you were strapped on time but wanted to hit a caloric or fitness goal. I had this service after a summer of slamming campaigns, eating not so great food and wanting to portion control my dinners and lunches. It worked appropriately for the week I tried the service.

The only thing I noticed compared to using Oco, Gomae or BatchFood is that Movement is a bit pricier. And if you are hungry, remember these are meals that are meant to be healthy, portion controlled and for certain lifestyles. I bring this up because a friend who is very fit does not like this service because her and her husband always need to eat twice the amount sent to them. If you’re a hungry person, remember this is for diets!

My positive is that if you do not know where to start on a fitness lifestyle, then you could use Movement Food for inspiration and maintaining that lifestyle. My critical point is that to me Oco, Gomae and BatchFood offer healthy items as well, and Movement didn’t stand out to me after having trying those other services.