Remi Patisserie recently open it’s doors down Cambie Village – it seems like every day there’s a line up which is great to see, especially during a time where small businesses have been hit so hard.
I got to try a couple of the items there on opening day:

  • Hojicha Flan
  • Crispy Salted Yolk Financier
  • Matcha Mochi Eclair
  • Tonka Pecan Eclair

My favourite items were definitely the Matcha Motchi Eclair and Tonka Pecan Eclair – but all of the treats were solid.

The Hojicha Flan has just the right amount of sweetness and tea flavour to it to be a great afternoon pick me up.

The Crispy Salted Yolk Financier was a favourite in my household (so much so, my dad has asked me to go back and buy some more!).

The two eclairs are perfection. They have the right amount of crispiness from the pastry and a subtle but delicious flavour of both the matcha and pecan in their respective eclair. The mochi is an excellent surprise and addition to the eclair.

Overall, Remi Patisserie never disappoints. You’ll find so many fantastic flavours here, you can’t go wrong.

For the menu and more info, check out their Instagram here: