Batch Food is my favourite of all ready-made meal kits. Not only do they offer frozen food that lasts for a while in your fridge, all their products are fresh, local ingredients. They partner with local farmers and suppliers, and shop the local farmer’s market. It is a very long list, so if you’re curious you can see it here.

These are the products I have tried over the summer:

Mama’s Meatloaf

The meatloaf is my favourite dish because it is cut in with so many vegetables: carrots, corn, etc. Worth it for the ease of heating and serving.

Mashed Potatoes & Scalloped Potatoes

These two aren’t super special, but are helpful in a pinch when I cook or bbq meats and need a side dish.

Shepherd’s Pie

This is my favourite choice for a no-brainer dinner option.

Artichoke Salad Dressing

…I was feeling fancy, ok?

Beet It Salad & Brie It On Salad

These two are not frozen as I’ve been trying their fresh food. If their frozen food was good already, their salads are delicious, healthy and actually quite filling for the portion.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

These were gone in literally two days.

Balsamic Basil Chicken Thigh Meal

Not my favourite one in the frozen meals, but good enough to get me going through lunch.

Barbiyaki Meatballs Meal

Pretty filling and I have the feeling this would be really, really good had I ordered it fresh. The frozen food isn’t bad at all, it is quite good quality for something that gets defrosted and nuked in a microwave.

Broccoli & Chorizo Sausage

I love this dish for its simplicity, plus it is a less heavy option for lunch.

Cheesy Chicken Fajita Bake

I like their tortillas, wherever they get them!

Cauliflower Pesto Chicken

Same comment as the brocc dish, just a simple meal that isn’t too filling.

Mac n Cheese

This is a popular item on their website but I don’t really like this one. I got really sick of eating it after a while.

Bacon Breakfast Wraps & Beef Burritos

…Get sriracha. It’s a bit flavorless, these two.

Veggie Lasagna

One of our favourites, because they use an assortment of veggies much like their meatloaf. The cheese is also excellent.

Chicken/Cheese Quesadillas – 4 Pack

These were good. Their tortillas are delicious.

Blackened Salmon/Chicken Risotto Meal

My favourite of the frozen food. The salmon keeps really well. Risotto is also very delicious.

Cauliflower Bacon Mac N Cheese

Much better than their plain mac n’ cheese, I’d get this one again.

Sausage Ragout Meal

This one again strikes me that it’d be really good fresh too.

Veronica’s Deluxe Feta & Bacon Perogies
Brie & Cranberry Chicken Meal
Chicken Chow Mein Bowl
Cornmeal Crusted Basa Meal
Creamy Prawns Meal

For all of these, I don’t exactly have a high opinion of them, but I do rotate between them for dishes for lunch.