10 years. One whole decade. As I reflect upon the time that has passed and how it was when we first started, I’m always just dumbfounded how we got to where we are. I started Gastrofork.ca for several reasons: 1) a space to share my dad’s recipes, as he was teaching me how to cook Filipino food, 2) to share my love of local restaurants since I was such an avid restaurant-goer and 3) to have fun and see where it would take me.

While I can’t quite remember the first time I was ever invited to an event or offered sponsorship on my blog, I remember all the people that I’ve met along the way that, if were for any other circumstances I would’ve never met – and I am grateful. I’ve made so many long lasting friendships throughout the years thanks to my little blog. I am so incredibly thankful to know you all.

And as a beautiful addition, I was able to have people who I love contribute and be a part of this special part of my life. They brought their own unique take and passion to the blog and were there besides my introverted self as I navigated through invitations.

I loved the days my dad, Nathalie and I spent filming my dad’s cooking. It was our world, our table, our kitchen that we were welcoming through Nathalie’s lenses. While I look back at those videos and giggle a bit, with my dad wrestling to be professional, along with the three of us trying to fit into a tiny galley kitchen – I am so thankful these moments are documented.

As Gastrofork continued to expand, it just felt like a wild ride. I’ll never quite forget the feeling of flying for work (although it was not really work), having my name on a sign and being driven and shown around the great eats around different cities. So many businesses and restaurants opened their arms to me and I was so excited to learn their story, why they did what they did and watch them talk passionately about it. Meeting new business owners and chefs never got old because everyone had such a different path they walked.

While we don’t know what the future holds, for Gastrofork and just for life in general, I want to continue sharing my journey on this platform. I’ve always told myself that when it felt like work and it wasn’t for fun any longer, then I would quit blogging.

I am so thankful for you, my readers. I always say (and often think) , that the only people reading my blog are my parents and myself. But let’s be real, my parents are not checking my blog! It always blows my mind when I see how many people have come through and took the time to read my thoughts or opinions on things.

While the food community has grown exponentially in the last ten years and continues to take us to different places, I am humbled that you have taken a moment to stop by and take a read through my blog or follow me on social media.

I wish I could make goals for the next couple years, but I feel like that would take away from the magic that is Gastrofork. But I truly hope you will continue to check in, whenever you have a moment and keep up with my lil family.


With love,

Dee de los Santos