My son Winston is a HUGE, HUGE fan of fruits – particularly grapes at the moment. I always shop for fresh and delicious grapes and our favourites are the Chilean Grapes which are in season right now through till May. Winston gets them halved during snacktime and prefers eating them fancily with a fork, but I personally like to freeze them and have them as a sweet, cold treat!

Chile is the top grower of table grapes in the southern hemisphere with almost 30% of their fruit growing area dedicated to grapes. We love grapes in this household because they’re a great source of vitamin K, copper, B vitamins and because they’re a natural sweet treat.

Some tips on choosing the most optimal grapes: select firm, plump grapes that are firmly attached to stems, look for a consistent colour, avoid brittle stems and shriveled grapes.

The best way to store them? Refrigerate them in their original package and wait to wash them right before you eat them. Always keep them refrigerated for maximum life!

You’ll be able to find Chilean grapes at Kin’s Farm Market, Save On Foods and Costco.

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