As I need more and more caffeine in the morning to fuel my long days, I look towards cooler options as we hit the summer. 

I came across Balzac’s Nitro Cold Brew Coffee during a quick run at my local Whole Foods one morning. If you’ve never heard of Balzac’s Coffee before, they’re an East Coast institution – and one of my favourite places to visit when I’m in Toronto. 

What drew me to this cold brew offering (other than the company!) is the fact that there was not much sugar in it compared to the other cold coffees it was sitting next to. I do like a hint of sweetness in my coffees but often times, I find many places put way too much sugar into their offerings. 

I tried the Mocha flavour and ever since, it’s my go to. It’s got a nice, smooth flavour to it with just enough mocha to give it a great flavour without masking the coffee. There is no bitter after taste and it’s not very sweet. 

You can purchase this coffee from Whole Foods (I got mine at the Cambie location), and, if you’re lucky to live in the GTA, you can also order it directly from them.

For more information on Balzac’s Coffee, check their website here: