Nene Chicken has finally arrived here in Vancouver. This popular chicken joint originates from South Korea and serves up – you guessed it – fried chicken.

They are known for their chicken in a box with pickled radish and a drink.

There are several different sauces: Swicy (sweet chilli sauce), Freaking Hot Chicken (hot chilli sauce), Snowing Cheese Chicken (cheese powder), Snowing Chilli Chicken (Chilli cheese powder), Hot Bling Sauce (not as hot as Freaking Hot, but up there), Green Onion  with garlic sauce and the Original fried chicken (no sauce).

We tried the Swicy and Garlic Sauce Original. The chicken is crispy, well breaded but still tender and juicy in the center. Both sauces were great, I really couldn’t pick between the two. I do love the sweet garlic sauce but I also love the kick of sweet heat from the Swicy.

We ordered the family size so it was a good portion for 6-8 people (since we had two family sized chicken orders).

The only gripe I have is that they took our order and told us to come back and it was over an hour and they had forgotten our order…we did go when they first opened, so hopefully they have fixed any issues they had!

Food: 4.5

Service: 2

Value: 3.5

Ambiance: 4


For more info and the menu, check out their website here: