Do You Yuzu?

With the weather getting warmer, we tend to go towards refreshing and clean food – like yuzu (or Japanese lemon).

President’s Choice launched several yuzu inspired dishes including:

Yuzu Japanese Cheesecake, Yuzu Citrus Grilling Salmon Skewers, Yuzu Citrus Chicken Wings, Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee with Yuzu Citrus flavour and a Honey Yuzu Citrus Lemonade.

My favourite was definitely the Yuzu Citrus Chicken Wings – they were larger than I was expecting and the breading on the wings were nice and crispy. The flavour balance was perfect as it wasnt too tart and complimented the chicken well.

The Yuzu Citrus Grilling Salmon Skewers were good – there are 4 in a box, so it’s good for two people. They had good flavour to them again, without being too overtly citrusy.

I have yet to try the cold brew and the lemonade but I will report back when I do!

For more information on the new Summer line up, check out the website here: