Rosé season is upon us! And let me tell you, I am SO excited for it this year – with restrictions lifting and also personally, not having as much wine for the past couple years (as I have a little one to run after). I’m calling it, 2021 – let’s do this. Let’s get reacquainted and try new wines, cocktails and beer.

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on another great Canadian wine producer: Saintly Rosé – this particular wine has a nice crisp finish to it with berries and citrus notes as you sip it. The wine itself feels slightly more weighted than other rosés but still has a nice dry taste to it overall. You’re able to get this particular one sparkling as well.

I’d pair it with a crisp, clean dinner (like salad or something with citrus flavours in it) or even with a dessert. Perfect for patios and warm weather – as it’s so refreshing!

You can find Saintly Rosé at the BC Liquor Stores and private liquor stores around BC.

For more information on them, check it out here: