Picnics have been elevated in the pandemic, because it is a place where we can feel safe and enjoy food and drink amongst others with ease. Though today, I decided to have a one-woman picnic with my book, chips and rosé. I chose BASK Wines Crisp Rosé.

What really drew me to this wine is that it’s got 0 grams of sugar per serving (3/4 cup or 188 ml). Now, you’re probably wondering if a wine with no sugar would taste any good? It definitely is a great tasting wine – it’s dry but soft in texture on the palate. 

This rosé is nice and dry, not too sweet, and quite fruity still: there are flavour notes of red pear, watermelon, caramel and honey with a hint of spice. Though I had this wine with my chips, I think it would be a perfect rose to bring to a BBQ party as I feel like the notes in it would help cleanse and liven the palate with grilled meats like chicken or fish. Definitely a nice summer sipper that I’ll be buying again.

For more info on Bask Crisp Rose, check out their website here: https://www.baskwine.com/