We were recently contacted by the good people at Good Dee’s to try out some of their cake mixes.

We were sent the Coconut Snack Cake Mix, Carrot Cake Mix and Lemon Cake Mix. What I love about these mixes is that they are made with low carb, keto, gluten free and diabetic lifestyles in mind. They’re also super simple to make, you’ll mostly need just eggs (as the binder) and coconut oil (or whatever oil you choose).

The Lemon Muffin Mix is made with almond flour and lemon powder. This is also perfect if you are conscious about gluten, grains, dairy and sugar. I like the subtle hint of flavour in this mix.

The Carrot Cake Mix – interestingly made with watermelon seed flour and sunflower seed flour. This has a very subtle hint of flavour, so if you want more, I’d definitely recommend adding some icing to it. 

By far the crowd favourite was the Coconut Snack Cake Mix, also made with almond flour. The sweetener in this (and many of the mixes) is Stevia and Erythritol. The cake is dense, moist and flavourful. 

If you want to order these cake mixes, you can order them online on their website here: https://gooddees.com/

Otherwise, they are available in Langley at Everything Keto.