I visited Klasik Inasal and Noodle Express on East Broadway, which serves traditional Filipino food. And they make their own sauces! (Their vinegar sauce on the table should be sold in little bottles.)

We enjoyed the pancit palabok, which is made of rice noodle with special sauce topped with boiled egg, smoked fish, shrimps, pork rind, roasted garlic and crispy onions. My dad makes this at home and I love it, so I’m always curious about how other places make their palabok. I’m biased and say my dad’s always really good, but I brought him some home and he loved it! It gets his stamp of delicious approval. And I’m so happy they give us calamansi wedges not lemon!

I tried inihaw for the first time, which is pork intestine. It was slightly sweet and chewy. I’m always a big texture person. (I’m not so squeamish at the part of the animal but more of the texture if that makes sense.) Fried up and spiraled, it tastes like any barbeque skewer and it is soft, flavourful meat.

I love fish, so of course I enjoyed their deep fried tilapia. The skin was so crispy and I had to dig in with my fingers. I apologized to Archie and asked her if it was okay to use my hands – which is really how you eat in a Filipino home (kamayan). She laughed and said of course!

We also enjoyed pork sisig, a dish made from part of pig and seasoned with lemon, onion and chili peppers and their Klasik Inasal, which is Filipino style grilled chicken. Out of the two, I enjoyed the inasal a lot better for its comfort food quality but I know Archie enjoyed the sisig. Again, having calamansi wedges for the sisig made it so good!