When it comes to getting dinner on the table, I am in the school of thought where it should be as easy as possible without sacrificing quality. 

One of our favourite things to have on hand are pickled vegetables – mostly because I love the taste and apparently have passed it down to my son as well. 

We are fans of Matt & Steve, a Canadian based company that specializes in beans, asparagus and also pickles. Made from all-natural ingredients and hand packed, they’re a great addition to any meal. They recently sent us some of their products to taste test (which we obviously couldn’t say no to!).

Our favourites is the garlic & dill and also the hot & spicy (for myself anyway, not so much Winston!).

The Garlic & Dill flavour is tangy and garlicky and the beans always give a good snap to them when you bite into them. 

The Hot & Spicy flavour is perfect to compliment heavier food without being too spicy. It’s also a great choice to add to a Caesar.

They also have pickled asparagus in these flavours if that’s more your jam! We like to mix them up at home, especially since Winston loves both veggies. 

For more information on Matt & Steve’s products and where to find them, check out their website here: https://can.mattandsteve.com/