In a time where most people are trying to balance convenience with healthy options – President’s Choice has come out with a line of new plant based proteins that can substitute your meat meals – perfect for say, a Meatless Monday?

PC was kind enough to let me try a couple items off their new line up recently and I wanted to put them to the test with some of my regular, go-to quick meals. 

The first item I tried was the Beefless Crumble – it’s made with pea protein that packs 20g of protein per 100g . This is perfect for sauces and stews. For my super scientific purposes, I wanted to make a sweet and sour dish. The crumble took well to the sauce and has the same texture you’d get with a ground meat without having any distinct taste to it. It is filling and so versatile.

There is plenty in each bag too, there was delicious leftovers I packed for lunch the next day!

The next items I made with the Beefless strips was Beef and Broccoli – another one of my super easy go to meals. This particular item is made with soy and pea protein.

With this item, I found it to be a bit more sturdier, more like a super firm tofu, so if you treat it in that manner, you’ll get good results. In hindsight, I would chop these up a bit more as they are on the firm side. They grill nicely, so these might be better with a stir fry with lots of veggies!

For more information on the new line of PC plant-based products and recipes, check out their website here: