We all know one (or more) – someone who could be on one of the Food Network shows with their amazing cooking skills, or maybe they know each show by heart…or maybe they’re totally obsessed with Molly Baz and her famous CaeSal. Whatever their preference may be, there is a foodie in your life that is obsessed with all things delicious. Here are some great ideas to get your favourite foodie:

Haisai Cookies – Lately I have been obsessed with Haisai’s Okinawa Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate Cookies – they have a range of different cookies and mochi though! They make them fresh at Fufu Cafe and Paragon Tea Room, but you can also purchase frozen, ready-to-bake packs on their website!

Paragon Tea Room – Right now they have a Black Friday special that lasts all over November, so if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life, you’ll want the very best – and you can get the very best here!

Odd Society Spirits – It seems like almost every year I put this place on my list and for good reason – their spirits are always top notch – my favourite as you’ll see in previous years is their Creme de Cassis but I always have a bottle of their East Van Vodka and Wallflower Gin in my liquor cabinet.

Poplar Grove Pinot Gris – This is my absolute favourite wine. It’s my go to whenever I’m at a restaurant and there is always a bottle at home!

Kasma Chocolates – With a storefront on Granville Island, it is such a quick and great way to not only support a local business, but Filipino business! The chocolate collaborations they have are always fun but also their core bars are classics, especially with the vibrant wrapping.

Koji Fine Foods – Ok, it might not be the first thing you’d think of for gifts, but quality soy is so hard to find! It’s definitely not something people think to buy for themselves but always a welcomed gift!

Granville Island Delivery Co – I love this service and have used it a couple times in the past. It’s a great way to send a present that’s festive and special without having to wrap it and deliver it yourself, while showcasing the great food you can find at Granville Island.

Pajeon Pals – Not food, but food related – if you’ve got a youngin’ at home, or if you’re young at heart, you’ll love these super cute, Korean themed t-shirts made by local foodie goddess Diana (Foodology.ca). Plus, if you buy the Korean Heart shirt, proceeds go to BC Children’s Hospital in honour of my son Winston 🙂