We went to the Vancouver Fall Home Show last weekend! The show is a vibrant marketplace where you can shop for home-related products and services.

We love the work of Jenna Jones. She sells these gorgeous pastel/Nordic raised paint on linen works. We asked more about her work, and she used to work with aluminum and chemicals but painted as a hobby. The pandemic changed the nature of her work; one by one her favourite colours were being taken off market because stores were cutting their stocks or shutting down. Not willing to give up her hobby, she turned to making her own stuff! Using her background to dive into the metallic composition of rocks, she found a way to produce the right colours to make and (we think) she mentioned that she learned how to make linen too!

At the show, she pointed out that all the paintings were made from sea-to-sky rocks. People can also request to have the cremated ashes mixed into her paint to be made into the paintings. She believes that putting a loved one into an urn often creates an aversion to talk about the deceased since everyone knows what the urn contains. But a painting is different. Unless you know the artist/work, the meaning behind the painting remains an intimate secret, a special connection in plain sight. On top of that, there’s the special opportunity to celebrate or reminisce about that knowledge if someone asks about the painting. Or for acquaintances, just say it’s a painting that holds memories (some people opt to give her rocks and seashells they picked on a meaningful trip.)

She had citrine hidden in her bench at the show for good vibes. Her next project is figuring out how to grind up crystals to include their energy in the paintings.

Another highlight was Messy Meerkat Studios. My friends were blown away by her and bought a huge haul! Lucia Steeg started her business when she wanted to break away from her corporate job and she started last February. The items she makes are glitter/iridescent sparkly multi-combulation resin art. My friend loved every piece of hers, and the artist said a memorable quote to my other friend about my excited friend: “You can’t talk butterfly language to caterpillars.” The green plant depicted is one of our favourites – a one-of-a-kind accidental success. The piece was assembled from scrap green marbled fragments from another project and arranged with sudden inspiration on a black backdrop of wood. To finish it, several layers of clear resin were applied to create a glossy finish. Apparently, someone loved this piece so much that they commissioned a larger version of it from her at the show!

Perching Clay Art was an artist who spent 6 years perfecting the art of creating delicate pieces made from polymer clay. Every piece is made by meticulously rolling and manipulating the colored clay producing vibrant pieces without the aid of paint or dyes. For the show she specially designed the vessels which housed airplants and a few perched birds (which were so popular that they sold out before we got to see them!). The barrettes displayed at her stall also have a special secret: they are made with authentic French Barrette bases that the artist bought out because the factory making them was going out of business. The whimsical pieces come in the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, bowls, and boxes.

Other details we loved: ongoing workshops; a classy live RV decked out with 4 beds, a full kitchen, and a jacuzzi the size of a swimming pool; Sleep Country’s special show discount are very good; and you get a huge contractor directory for free. From the inner decor, live greenery, walls, windows, organization solutions, lighting, furniture, cleaning equipment/tools, smart home, security, construction, solar power, roofing,, renovation designers, and junk removal services the show covered most things a homeowner would look for when looking to upgrade their homes. Additionally, there was a workshop area and ample space to rest designed by Pic your Nic and a few snack stalls for light snacking. The show will be back on next year, but we had such a blast!

For more information, check out their website here: https://vancouverfallhomeshow.com/