Like many others this January, I had a focus on wellness and exercise. However, I tried to look at longevity goals that last all year. Here are some of my top picks of exercise you can do in-home, virtually and eventually in-person! I’ve grouped them by each goal I had for this year.

Goal 1 – Make exercise SUPER fun:
Formation Studio

One of my favourite things to do in the world pre-covid was go dancing with friends. While clubbing was the main venue, I always enjoyed house parties and bopping around at concerts more. I’m not a dancer but I enjoy expressive forms of movement, because it feels more like play than work to me.

That is why I immediately fell in love with Formation Studio. I took their free two week trial and bought a paid pass after. I find even when I’m feeling a bit sluggish, knowing I’ll just be bouncing around to music, I find the will power to commit to doing this for at least thirty minutes.

And hey! They’re local too. We gotta support gyms, classes and other spaces like these during the pandemic.

Goals 2 and 3 – Learn a new skill and meditate more: Elemental: A Sacred Kali Container

I’ve taken Imee’s kali class last year and it blew me away. Kali is a Philippine martial art and is a form of arnis/escrima. What I like about this class is half of it is technical and combat, but the other half is meditative and you learn the history of the martial art. It is also virtual, which makes it accessible for me.

As someone who likes yoga, expressive movement and let’s be real, I’m not super aggressive… this class was perfectly paced for me! And it was wonderful to learn kali alongside other Filipino/a/x students.

[Video is optional] Caption: I practiced some of my kali at Bowen Island. One day as I was walking and my sticks kept tapping my back because of the wind. When I drew one out, it began to rain!

Goal 4 – Take a class in-person this year: @sophiaa.sosa dance classes
I’ve been eyeing sophiaa.sosa’s dance classes on IG. I would love to join one day as they look really, really fun! And another great local person to follow if you don’t already.

However, the classes are in person and I’m not quite there on my comfort journey yet! When I am, I’ll definitely try some of her classes.

Goal 5 – Eat healthy: Pro Home Cooks
My favourite episode from Pro Home Cooks is where they teach you how to make 15 minute lunches.

I’m really trying to save money and eat more healthy, so I find these videos super helpful and in-depth. I have made what he’s meal prepped here for most of January, and its so simple.

Goal 6 – Treat yo self: Susgrainable
I never buy something labelled guilt-free usually. Like, if I’m eating sweets, I want the calories. However, Susgrainable’s chocolate chip cookie mix is delicious. They boast a 3:1 sugar to fibre ratio in these cookies. I made one batch regular, and another batch with quick oats and the addition is ultra delicious.

Goal 7 – Run another 5k
I got into running 5Ks with the Scotiabank Marathon, Vancouver Pride Walk and Run, and Run for Women last year. The next race on my radar is the BMO Marathon, though I’m still just doing a nice short 5K. I’m not at the point where I can do full marathons, so I’m glad to have the virtual and 5K option to go at my own pace, and improve my speed each time.

What are your goals this year!? Comment below.