Did you know that Chile is the top grower of grapes in the world? Grapes account for about 30% of their fruit growing area. There are many varieties that is grown in Chile and are available to us up until late May.

Grapes are such an easy snack or way to sweeten a salad! They’re a great source of polyphenols, vitamin K, copper and many B vitamins.

When you’re picking your grapes at your local supermarket look for grapes that are even in colour, still attached to the stems and refrigerate them in the original package.

Today, I teamed up with Fruits from Chile to create one of their lovely recipes – a grape tart!
You can find the complete recipe here: https://fruitsfromchile.com/recipes/?id=5163

I modified the recipe slightly by using a coconut custard to give it more sweetness and added some melted chocolate to the bottom to give the crust more of a snappy crunch.

If you need to make this recipe in a pinch – it’s super easy to pick up some ingredients from the supermarket (pre-made tart crust, custard/pudding) while you shop for your grapes.

I think this recipe would be great as smaller, individual tarts as well!

To learn more about the grapes and other fruits from Chile, check out their website here: https://fruitsfromchile.com/