I had a lot of fun at the Vancouver Fall Home Show! Here are some highlights from the show for me. My friend is a homeowner and I am a renter, so we explored the show in our own ways. They had products and vendors that help with any sort of reno or improvement project for your home. As a renter, the furniture rental company Plenish or subscription plant service Plantsome sound real good!

I Tea Monster

The most standout vendor to me was I Tea Monster, in the Indonesia section.

Eva sells coffee leaf tea, which has been a legacy in her family. She’s just recently starting her business after raising her children and taking care of her family first. The personal bits of how this tea came to be was interesting: when settlers came to their village, they cultivated and grew coffee. The villagers did not get to enjoy the coffee grown on their land, but they still wanted to try it. They took the leaves of the coffee plant and from it, brewed coffee leaf tea. She also said she named her brand I Tea Monster, because while her grandmother made this tea, she would run around and her grandma would call her a little monster. And I loved the story behind her Smokin’ Tiger Kawa Daun. She said tigers were very common where she came from and that if all went silent in your backyard, you knew there was a tiger there.

I bought a packet of tea, which my friend and I will review for another post! Eva is fourth generation, and I’m happy to support local and diverse creators such as her.

OMG Smart Living

I love learning about new tech. I didn’t buy anything but these folks were super helpful and informative even if we were just browsing!

I didn’t know what a Balmuda toaster was until my friend got excited seeing it on display. The sales expert told us how he puts a croissant in there and how the moisture elevates it. It’s neat to have a small steam toaster that’s more convenient than popping it into your oven. I’d be making croissants all the time.

I was actually just attracted to this desk treadmill, but I also learnt about other products like the PopuPiano and more.

Canadian Beeseal Company

My friend got her shoes shined by this friendly man at this booth. I appreciate a local product, and plus it helps with the water resistance of your shoe. Look at the difference below.

Beeseal is a heavy-duty conditioner that cleans, hydrates and preserves leather and wood. It is a natural and local product. It can be applied to clothing, shoes, furniture, horse hooves, equestrian equipment, leather seats, etc.


I’ve blogged about Nellie’s before, and how much I love their products. (Just because I do produce less waste and I love the packaging!) As soon as I saw little sheep flyerballs, I was sold. Money out.

Other Vendors…

My friend who is a homeowner spoke to a few other vendors, like Simplii Finance (for mortgages). We played a guess a cork game at a realtor’s booth. (He didn’t pitch us right away and played the game with us!) There was also an air filtration system that uses just water to clear the air in your home, which she left her number to try in the future!

Got Craft Market


My god, if I had more money on my person, I would have bought all her lovely prints. I’m a big animal person, so I love her illustrations of animals. I bought this cute bunny illustration for a friend’s birthday and a mushroom print for my husband.

eco beige

I’m a repeat customer for eco beige. I bought a lunchbox and some reusable paper towels in the past. This time around I bought a utensil kit from her, which includes a straw set! eco beige has been gradually expanding its product line and the bags (which are a durable washable paper that can be composted) are new additions!

Mindful Mode

I just discovered this vendor! During the pandemic, I learnt so much about advocacy for mental health and therapy. These would make for some good gifts for those I’ve met on my wellness journey. I’ll have to get a fuck anxiety tote in the future!