We were invited to Clove – The art of dining. What immediately struck me is the decor by Karin Bohn. The interior of this beautiful restaurant has rich materials, layered textures, and gorgeous custom furniture. If you’re not familiar Karin Bohn, she’s also designed places like Anh + Chi, Haven, Virtuous Pie, Milltown Pub and many others. (While we were eating, the show Restaurants on the Edge was recommended to me. If I like the design and Karin’s work, apparently that’s one to watch.)

We enjoyed some cocktails to start our Sunday morning. I feel like the best Sunday morning drink was the Golden Hour drink I had. It is usually non-alcoholic, but they made me a version with prosseco in it. It has orange marmalade, elderflower syrup, and orange juice. (The non-alcoholic version would have non-alcoholic sparkling wine.)

Diana got the Bird of Paradise, which has gorgeous presentation. It is made with Tanqueray No 10, Chambord liqueur, elderflower syrup, fresh lime juice, Ms. Better’s Grapefruit bitter, Fertimans Rose Lemonade and botanical smoke. Its bar snack was popped lotus seeds. I’ve never had it before! My friend pointed them out at the Fruiticana we visited after, and I will have to try to make them. I absolutely love the illustrations and designs of the drink menu, they remind me of a botanical encyclopedia! The other drink we received is the Magic Mushroom. It is made with Tanqueray gin, lillet, midori, pernod, grapefuit nector, Ms Better Bitters Miraculous Foamer.

All the dishes were beautifully presented. We shared a mixed platter of non-veg and veg options.


My favourite on the platter was the winter squash and chestnut tikki with sriracha mayo. I quite liked the squash over potato, and the chestnut added a unique flavour to it.

For our main courses we had the Afghani Lamb Masala, Saag Paneer, Chicken Dum Biryani and some fresh naan. The lamb masala and saag paneer were both my favourites. I often make palak paneer at home (probably the very basic version), so trying the saag paneer made me want to recreate the dish, so this was an inspiring dish to me because it was so delicious.

The lamb dish’s seasoning of cardamom, cashew sauce, ginger and pistachio was so hearty and warming.

I was pretty full by the time we had dessert, but I’m a chocolate gal so I really enjoyed the cake!

This would be a great place to entertain guests, take a date or have a business lunch, as the atmosphere is very elegant and inspiring.