The Wellness Show is one of our favourite shows. For more than 25 years the Wellness Show has been bringing new approaches to nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional well-being. The show allows us to try various products on-site, and our favourite area to try samples is the Nestors display. When you have so many options, you often wonder what are wellness brands worth purchasing. Below is a wellness products list and an accompanying wellness product review to help you discover more wellness product brands.

I really enjoyed buying Paume’s lineup of hand creams and moisturizing hand sanitizer. This was my favourite find at the show, and I have a little pump of their hand sani by my door, and a lotion tube for my purse! This is my top rec as one of the many wellness products you need!
One of my favourite finds was Lumen Gem. Their creations are so pretty, plus I’ve always wanted crystals to be over the top if I buy them. Having them glow magically is definitely an aesthetic I can get behind.

One of our favourites was Ollie & Co candles. I got a candle that smells like mango sticky rice, and this lamp burns the candle with its heat!

I love Big Mountain Foods! I’ve never tried their plant-based sausages this year, and I loved their Mamma Mia sausages!

I would like to visit Natural Farmworks’ tea plantation when it opens to the public in 2024. There are not many places you can see tea grown in Canada, so very curious! The tea was also super delicious.
Wild Remedies had the prettiest booth! (She has a podcast also that I will listen to by the same name!)
I’m a fan of Living Tree Foods. I used to buy their spreadable, cashew “cream cheese” at the Riley Farmer’s Market. I converted my sister–she tried it and loved the spreads, and bought one of their new ravioli bags!

The consistency and viscosity of Nextmilk is pretty close to milk!

I really like how non-alcoholic beverages are getting so good these days. Last year, I discovered Opus at the show, this year my non-alcoholic rec is Sober Carpenter. The white “beer” tasted bready and close to the real thing!

Kits Kitchen was also notable, as they offer vegan easy-to-make soups!
My only note to Chocxo is it is delicious, and for only having 3g of sugar, it’s easily replacing my Reeses addiction.
Gluten free bread and gluten free pasta has come a very long way, and this bread is a very close contender to the everything bagel that isn’t gluten-free!

This was a new one for me, though my sister had tried Sapsucker before. I like this one because the sweetness is very mellow!

I love Farming Karma Fruit Co’s drinks. They’re kind of like an adult fruit roll up in a can. Also, as an alcoholic option, adding gin to pear, bourbon to the cherry one and vodka to literally the rest, would be the best!

These days I’m more invested in my gut health, and I tried the hello wellness Vega that is geared towards gut. It was pretty good, it was choco banana with cinnamon and easy to drink. It has probiotic fibre and other gut health related ingredients. I just like how delicious to tasted! I’m a Metamucil drinker and always looking for alternatives that don’t taste like the sugar-free orange powder I’m used to! This is one of the many wellness products for weight loss also, as I find it keeps me full.

I was curious about Viva Cacao! when I saw them on the list of vendors. Would recommend them also, especially to those who like dark, flavourful chocolate.
We loved Harmless Harvest’s coconut water and coconut water/milk smoothies! Highly recommend this one for a nourishing and hydrating drink. I’m not joking when I say they were all good.

Other notable vendors:

Yummy Bear – another low sugar option for gummies!

Epicure’s Epic Box looks interesting. Unlike Freshprep or HelloFresh, it doesn’t give you the ingredients, but the spices and instructions how to make the dish. This might be a nice option because sometimes I forget about my meal prep box and the veggies wilt!

Naked & Saucy is one I seem to purchase anytime I see them! We bought their Peanut Sauce this time for my nephew, Winston.
Ok this chilli garlic oil from Haute is delicious!

Naetal was a popular booth — there were always people around it, which made it hard to try their items. I liked their lotion that was in what looked like a deodorant stick, and would like to purchase one in the future to travel with.