Summer is just around the corner which means the grilling season is upon us!

We have always been a fan of the specially curated items that PC comes up with every year and this year is no different. Their summer collection features flavours inspired by Filipino cuisine, which you know is near and dear to our hearts.

As luck would have it, June is Filipino Heritage Month and what a great way to kick it off with a taste test of PC’s Filipino inspired items. I never thought I’d see the day where our food would inspire main stream dishes. I remember a time when it was difficult for my parents to find ingredients so they could make their dishes, and now there is an enormous selection of our local Superstore and No Frills of Asian brands.

We tried 6 of the new, seasonal items available at your local Superstore, Loblaws, No Frills, etc. :

  • Umami Wagyu Beef Patties
  • Chicken Adobo Lumpia
  • Ube Pandesal Buns
  • Ube Boba Cream Pie
  • Calamansi Lemonade
  • Filipino Adobo Chicken Chips

The Umami Wagyu patties were a fabulous addition to our BBQ grill – the flavours shined through all the additions to our burger without being overwhelming.

The Chicken Adobo Lumpia was crisp from the get go and had a nice, bright flavour, honouring that salty, sweet and garlicky flavour Filipino cuisine is known for.

The Ube Pandesal Buns were a very welcomed change to the traditional hamburger buns, not only because they’re striking in colour but also because they provided a slight sweetness that went well with our toppings.

The Ube Boba pie is an indulgence! It’s got a sweet flavour from the tapioca and sweet yam topped with some whipped cream. Definitely a kid favourite!

The Calamansi Lemonade was a perfect blend of sweet and tart, perfect for a hot day – or even made into popsicles!

The Filipino Adobo Chicken Chips also paid homage to the sour and garlicky flavours of Filipino cuisine. We almost finished the entire bag trying to discern which flavours we were tasting. Great on it’s own but even better with a creamy dip!

These new summer offerings are only around for a little bit, so get out there and try them before they disappear!

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