Whether you are binge watching your favourite TV show or trying to figure out what this girl dinner is all about – we love a grazing board to fill our snack time.

Sabra has come out with three new flavours that make you feel like you’re eating all the food you love but with a healthy twist!

The new flavours include Buffalo with Frank’s Red Hot Sauce, Barbecue with Stubb’s and Southwest-Inspired Hummus.

Sabra is known for it’s simple ingredients but bold flavour and the dips do not disappoint.

They’re tasty and perfect to add some flavour to your grazing board, or even just a bag of chips! I love using them as a spread in my sandwiches as well.

We paired the dips with two wines recommended by Wine Enthusiast: a Grenache to go with the the Barbecue dip and a Riesling for the Buffalo flavour!

For more info, check out: https://sabra.com/ca/