Before I say anything, this video pretty much describes your mental state going to Jethros:

The wait for us was a total of 1 hr 45 m to get into the restaurant. We went down the street to Restoration House, which is a little shop of antiques. I had a conversation with the owner about the antique fair I went to at the Croatian Cultural Centre a week back. We were talking about this war airplane camera I spotted and what it’s worth would be. Paul and I excused ourselves and sat outside Jethros. It was freezing, and I joked about just staring in the window with sad faces until people left.

The wait was worth it though! I ordered the Cobb (omelet) and Paul got Hog Tied (bacon pancakes). His pancakes were so fluffy, the right amount of sweet and thick, that it absorbed the grease of the bacon and made it just a moist, fluffy, cake-like experience to eat them. The Cobb had roast turkey, bacon, tomato, avocado, scallions and crumbled blue cheese inside of them. The blue cheese cleaned my palate from all the other flavours and gave the omelet a bit of a bite. I definitely could not finish my omelet, as I was helping Paul eat his pancakes.

There was a man who was sitting next to us who said he was on Weight Watchers because he recently had a stroke. He got a modification jambalaya, while his youngin’ had a giant burger with a field of fries. We talked about healthy eating, as you know… me and Paul shoveled bacon pancakes the size of a hubcap in our faces.

5/5 Worth it.

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