I’m not entirely sure why it took so long for me to get to Yolk’s, but I’m glad it finally happened. Yolk’s started off as a delicious food truck and now has expanded to become a restaurant located at Clark and East Hastings. It’s right on the corner and is painted blue, so you can’t miss it!

They have a laid-back diner feel and be warned that the lineups during the weekend are formidable. I went around a 2pm on a Monday, so there was no wait. However that being said, their restaurant will only be around for 1-2 years because of a demolition clause on the building – so get to it!

I’m not going to lie, my eyes gravitated towards their Chicken and Waffles ($11.75) and that’s what I went with. It’s organic fried chicken that’s soaked in milk for a day to tenderize in very crispy breading. It’s served with delicious, crisp Belgian waffles, chicken gravy and pure Canadian Maple syrup. I would say that the waffles are by far the best in town when it comes to Chicken and Waffles! Our server suggested we put some sriracha sauce on top and it was such a good idea. Sweet, salty and a little bit of spice from the sriracha made this dish even more delicious.



I also ordered the Truffle Lemon Hashbrowns – $4.25. They are organic and local potatoes, fresh lemon, truffle oil, sea salt and chives and served with some of Yolk’s spicy ketchup. You do not even need the spicy ketchup, the truffle and lemon mix is divine. Even just writing about it now is making my mouth water.


I also love that they serve Matchstick Coffee, one of my favourite brands in the city. Yolk’s uses local ingredients and there is even a board in the restaurant to tell you where their meat is coming from. Definitely check this place out!

Visit their website for menu and times right here.

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