There are a couple Scuiés around in Vancouver. The very first time I entered the one near the Stadium was right after I arrived from Italy. Josh wanted a spritz, but their bar wasn’t in service yet. We returned last week to check them out.



They have a bar now, pizza by weight and a selection of soups, salads and sandwiches. I ordered lox pizza and it was pretty good: a light fare that I devoured pretty quickly.


Josh happily ordered spritz. It did take another server to know what it was, as the current one did not know. The staff were generally very friendly, but it got super busy during the lunch hour we went at. (It is office central where they are located) I can’t say we had the best service: I got my pizza right away, but my soup came 45 minutes or so later, and my coworker and Josh’s sandwich came 30 minutes from their order time. They asked Josh to pay again for the soup. Josh couldn’t remember himself after that time elapsed if he had paid or not, so he did. After he sat back down, one of the servers informed us we already did so Josh went back to get a refund.

After writing all this, I would return for some spritz and some easy cafe drinking. I don’t know if I can go on lunch again — especially my lunch is usually just an hour long and at that point, I was running late back into the office. The food is good though: if you can maybe get there at 11:45, I think that’s when you can beat the blitz of people that probably explains the drop in service above.



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