Although Richmond has changed significantly in the past two or three decades, it’s always great to see places survive the change. One of these places is Happy Date, which has been around longer than myself (and I already consider myself pretty old in today’s ‘young hip’ standards). While it’s more than a little run down, it still serves up pretty affordable eats.


But the one and only reason I’m here to report to you about Happy Date is their Pineapple bun sandwiches. Yep – you read right, Pineapple bun sandwiches. If you’re a fan of the crispy, crusty tops and sweet bread bottomed breads but want to switch it up – you must go here. My husband Brian often enjoys Pineapple buns sliced in half with an alarming slice of butter in between – but I’ve always been a sucker for mixing sweet with savoury. There are several types you can choose from, today we chose a simple one – porkchop. From the get go, Happy Date’s pineapple buns are slightly larger than most, so you get pretty good value out of it. The sandwich is simple – just a porkchop with some lettuce, but simplicity wins in this case. Could I do this home? Sure I could. But it’s always great to experiment in a restaurant first before trying your hand at it.

Food: mini3andahalfforks

Service: mini3forks


Ambiance: mini1fork

OVERALL: 3forks