Pastels and cute, fluffy animals – thats what I think of when it comes to Spring time. I wanted to put something together that was not only super easy to create but also really cute and low and behold, these Easter cupcakes came up on the drawing board when Liane and I were brainstorming recently.

easter cupcakes-9565

They’re just too cute for words! When I made these cupcakes, lets say my nephew and my niece inhaled them – which means I get a stamp of approval right?

Check out our Youtube video on how to make these cute cupcakes or check out the recipe below!

Easter Cupcakes

1 box of chocolate cake mix
1 tub of white frosting (cream cheese is best)
1 container of green sprinkles
1 peeps or marshmallow animals (I bought mine from the dollar store)


  1. Bake your favourite chocolate cake recipe (or buy a mix) – we’re using chocolate as the ‘dirt’.
  2. When they are completely cooled, frost with the white icing.
  3. Add the green sprinkles on top for the grass.
  4. With a rounded cookie cutter, cut 1/3 into the middle of the cupcake to make a space for your marshmallow animals.
  5. Adding frosting to the bottom of your marshmallow animals, place them firmly in the hole.