Tim Hortons is offering their Belgian Waffle Breakfast sandwich for a limited time. Their waffle sandwich is your choice of bacon or sausage, egg and processed cheese in between two Belgian waffles.


The waffles are crisp and have a nice crunch to them – they’re on the sweet side to counter balance the savoury/salty flavour from the sausage/bacon. I think that the waffle is a bit too sweet, I think if they didn’t sweeten the waffle, it would be a good breakfast sandwich.


I also tried their Hershey’s Hot Chocolate – it definitely is one of those drinks where you’re indulging. It’s quite sweet but you can definitely tell the signature Hershey chocolate taste in it. The addition of whip and chocolate drizzle is good, but I’d probably pass on it if I order it again.

For more information on both the sandwich and hot chocolate, check out their website here: https://www.timhortons.com/ca/en/menu/new-tastes.php