I love mini golf. I rock at the course that was at PNE, loved Castle Fun Park’s course, and any chance I get, this is the group activity I love. So when we were invited to PAR-TEE-PUTT’s launch party, I signed up in a heartbeat. They’ve opened up a location on Granville Street, in the heart of downtown.

Each course at PAR-TEE-PUTT had an interesting theme. I for one, do not know how anyone launches the ball into the Iron Throne’s seat. The most memorable one for me was the model of the Lion’s Gate Bridge and shooting the ball over the bridge felt very satisfying. Science World’s replica was a close second to this. I did not understand how I was supposed to play the Twister one as I had a few too many drinks at this point, but I enjoyed watching others squat into poses to hit the ball into the hole.

When I was done going through the course, we went to the other side and enjoyed some live music. There’s also a pool table, which was a good come down game from moving around on the other side, which was much busier.

You have to book in advance, but there are some availability for walk-ins. I want to come more often, but I suspect it will be busy. But it will definitely be somewhere I plan in advance to come for celebrations, or if I just wanna play mini-golf and not have to travel to the PNE or Castle Fun Park!