There’s a lil cafe downtown that serves up a fusion of Filipino food and cafe items. What caught my eye recently was their chicken adobo sandwich served on an ube bun.

herbs and spices adobo sandwich

For $13, the sandwich is pretty filling. There’s a hearty amount of chicken that’s perfectly stewed in the traditional adobo sauce, but you’ll also find tomatoes, lettuce and avocado with mayo to round out the sandwich. The bun is soft and slightly sweet and holds all of it all together.

I also ordered the Leche Flan, however my picture didn’t turn out very well. It’s a good size, I’d say almost the size of a hockey puck. Dense and caramelly, the sauce is a little darker than normal but not at all bitter. There’s a slight lemon or zesty flavour in the after taste. It’s also served with whipped cream on the top.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend checking this place out. I’m curious to try more of their Filipino dishes!

Food: 4.5

Service: n/a

Value: 4

Ambiance: n/a (had it delivered)